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condition that he wills some what rules in his marriage before instead by my wife and further my will is that my pewter vessals before bequeathed shall not be delivered before my wife's or some what at her own pleasure and also the money before bequeathed to be paid unto every one of them as shall serve by my executor and my rulers son and son
Further my will is that if my wife does not like or does not agree with Phillipp my son or he may not agree with her then she shall pay him twenty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence but if he will not go away voluntarily or willingly from his mother then he shall have nothing The residue of my goods my debts paid and this my last will fulfilled and my body honorably brought in earth I give and bequeath unto Joan my wife and her I do make my executor and I do make and ordain and make Harry Cottcheay, John Tapp,  Christopher Squear and John Davye and John Haywood to be my Rulers and overlords to see this my last will to be performed and they shall have each one of them for their labour 12d Made the day and year about written In the witness of John Haywood curate there Richard Squear clerk there Harry Cottcheay John Tapp Christopher Squear Christopher Shopland John Lock and William Amos with others
Debts that I do owe:
Item: unto Christopher my son two pounds thirteen shillings and four pence
Item: John Lock of Brinsworthy forty eight shillings eight pence
Debts owed unto me:
Messrs John Jefford of Brightly fifty eight shillings four pence
Richard Sander of Tawstock lately deceased and Simon Cole and of Bishops Taunton and one William Crabb of Landkey gave their words this debt to be paid twenty six shillings and eight pence
Paul Bale forty shillings whereof paid thirty shillings
John Fynn of High Bickington lately deceased ten shillings.
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the 10 day of April and in
the year of our lord God one thousand five hundred and seventy seven I Richard SHOPLANDE in the parish of North Molton and in the County of Devon being sick in my body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be
unto Almighty God I do make and ordain this my
perfect testament and last will in manner and form
following first I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God
my maker and redeemer and my body to be buried in
the church earth of North Molton where it shall please
Item: I bequeath unto the reparation of the church
there one twelth
Item: I bequeath unto the poor men's church there
one twelth
Item: I give unto every Godchild of mine four pence
Item: I bequeath unto my son John six pounds four
shillings eight pence one eighth performed
Item: I bequeath unto William Amos forty shillings
and one eighth performed
Item: unto John Lock my son-in-law one eighth
Item: unto James Williams one eighth performed
Item: unto Christopher Shopland my son one eighth
Item: unto William Lock son of John Lock one heifer or
one calf at my wife's discretion
Item: unto Cicely Tapp my servant five shillings eight
Item: more unto my son John after the decease of my
wife one cow
Item: unto Alice my daughter after the decease of my
wife one cow if she lives so long
Item: unto Alice Shopland the daughter of John
Shopland one heifer after the decease of my wife
Item: unto every child's child of mine one sheep
Item: unto Phillipp my son after the decease of my
wife all my cattle all my corn and all my plough gear
and all my wood and timber all my woolen cotton my
bordes and bedding and seeling except certain things
and hereafter followeth that is first unto Christopher
my son four ewes and my best ram one d- and as many bellows to make one pair of wheels and as many bordes and other timber to make him a house and one ladder these of sixteen feet and as much timber to make a new s-e further my will is that the goods bequeathed before unto my son Phillipp shall not be delivered except that he be ruled in his marriage by his mother in her lifetime and further my will is that he should be his mother her executor upon this
Will of Richard Shoplande of North Molton, Devon 1577