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Shopland, the Place-Name

by Robert Shopland of Clevedon, Somerset
In the Rochford Hundred in Essex, there is a place-name 'Shopland'. A hundred is a subdivision of a county, and in Anglo-Saxon times probably consisted of 100 Hides (a unit of taxation). This place-name had various spellings from the year 946 Scopingland(e) to 1294 Shepilaunde. On today's map the name is Shopland Hall. The Domesday spelling was Scopelanda in 1086 with Shopland first appearing in 1306. We are told that this word must be the common English word shop, used in some hitherto unrecorded sense. In Old and Middle English the word has only been noted in the specialised senses of (a) treasury (of the temple), (b) place for sale of goods, and (c) (somewhat later) place for carrying on work. The probability would seem to be that in place-names it is used in the much wider sense of 'lean-to-building, shed, barn'.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names states for the entry 'Shopland', Essex, 'Island with a shed', 'Shop, Shed', 'Treasury'. In Dorset the old English name Shapwick 'Sheep farm', likewise Shipham in Somerset and Shopwyke in Sussex is 'Sheep farm'. Kenneth Cameron's English Place Names states that the first name element 'Shop' and 'Shap' could denote sheep.

In the Penguin Dictionary of Surnames the entry for Shopland states, "Shopland (local name) 'Island with a shed/shop', Old English, Place in Essex". The entry for Shapland states, see Shopland. The Oxford Dictionary of British Surnames does not list Shopland or Shapland.

The only Shapland definition I have found so far in in the book Understanding English Surnames by Sir William Addison. He states, 'Shopland and Shapland raise again the question of one vowel being substituted for another. Shap in Devon must mean sheep.
Shopland, the place-name (The number after the name is the first recorded date.)
Scopingland(e) 946, Scopelanda 1086, Scop(i)land(e) 1199, Sopiland(e) 1195, Soplaund(e) 1266, Soplonde 1288, Sop(e)land(e) 1205, Siopiland 1201, Schopelaund(e) 1219, Schopi- 1286, Schopelonde (Shopilaunde) 1303, Schopland 1428, Sopsland 1231-3, Scupilande 1235, Shupland 1304, Shopilaund 1239, Shopland 1257, Shoplond 1257, Shopelaund 1260, Shopelound 1270, Shoplond(e) 1330, Shopelland 1301, Shepeland 1254, Shepelaunde 1319, Shepelond 1361, Sheplaund 1254, Shepland 1254, Sheplond 1342, Shepilaunde 1294

Shopland, the surname

Shopham, Shoplande, Shoplant, Shoplard, Shoplay, Shopley, Shoplin, Shopline, Shoploind, Shoppee, Shoppland, Shoppleth. Shoply, Shoreling, Shorland, Shorlen, Shorling.

Shapland, the surname
Shapelin, Shaplande, Shaplan, Shaplee, Shaplin, Shapling, Shaplon, Shaplond, Shappland, Shaplyn, Shapplyn, Shapton, Sharelande, Shapleigh, Shepland, Schaplond.

Sharland, eight different spellings.

Chaplin, eighteen different spellings.
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